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This season saw three leagues all with excellent players
and was divided over four match days.
As usual were at the Wildcats stadium in Wakefield.

Louise and charlotte.

Day 1 - Sept 22nd 2007

Neil Munns 2-0 Eddie Betteridge
Neil Munns 1-2 Malc Dickson
Neil Munns 0-0 Kevin Adderley

Well, a pretty average start for yours truly.
I also played a cup match inbetween.

Neil Munns 0-3 Kenny Beggs

Martin Hodds and Paul Lawrenson

Day 2 - November 17th 2007

Neil Munns 4-1 Eddie Betteridge
Neil Munns 0-2 Paul Lloyd

Reg Pearce on the attack.

Day 3 - March 1st 2008

Neil Munns 1-1 Tony McCann
Neil Munns 0-3 Paul Lloyd
Neil Munns 2-0 Tony McCann (again)

I'm not exactly romping away with it !!!

My turn to ref !

Stuart Mcilroy and Richard Pepper
again with me trying to officiate.

Steve Worthington and Terry Hitch, with Eddie Betteridge as ref.

I also played in some cup matches - April 12th 2008

Phoenix Challenge Cup 2007/8

Neil Munns 0-1 Paul Lloyd

Phoenix Division One Cup 2007/8

Neil Munns 2-2 Kevin Adderley
Neil Munns 1-1 Paul Lloyd

Unfortunately that wasn't enough to go through either.

And now to the finale

Last league day (4) - April 12th 2008

I was mid table. Could I go for promotion ??

Neil Munns 4-1 Kevin Adderley
This put me 3rd place - I'm in the playoffs !!!

Neil Munns 0-0 (0-1 ET) Tony McCann
Damm and blast it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Yorkshire Phoenix Super League 2007/8
1Craig Heward1293025821
2Kenny Beggs12543241514
3Martin Hodds12453161213
4Stuart McIlroy12534131213
5Richard Pepper12354141311
6Paul Lawrenson12345131910
7Eoin Adams1210118332
8Trevor Cummings0000000

Yorkshire Phoenix First Division 2007/8
1Paul Lloyd1082020218
2Tony McCann1052320912
3Neil Munns10523161012
4Malc Dickinson1051415149
6Kevin Adderley100557155
7Eddie Betteridge         100285332

Yorkshire Phoenix Conference Division 2007/8
1Steve Worthington1090124518
2Terry Hitch1054122614
3Kcarrie Valentine1044211512
4Reg Pearce103341489
5Loiuse Lawrenson10235587
6Charlotte Smart1000101450

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