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All the leagues had to conclude today.
We're definately going to find out who wins,
and who swaps leagues for next season.

Once again the usual nerves are abound.
Some people were changing leagues next season
and wanted to make a good show.

Cup matches are also being squeezed in.
Maybe I can do better in the cup than the league ?

Oh well,off we go - My first game today.
Me and Eoin drew last time we played.

Neil Munns 1-1 Eoin Adams

Same again by the looks of it.

This whole tournament is down to
Richard Peppers excellent organising,
even though his head has clearly shrunk !!

My first round in the cup was against Tippy.
Bloody great - premiership opposition straightaway !

Neil Munns 2-3 Keith Tiplady

Yep, thats me out of the cup then.
Still - I scored the two best goals on earth ever though !!!

This was a close cup match too.
Stuart and Paul went to penalties which I got to film.
Stuart eventually won.

I had a good eye on Kev and Eoin here
as they were both level with me in the table
and I still had play both of them.

Halfway through the day and lets see
if we can get an idea of who's where.

Can you make that out ?
Its the ongoing notes to all three leagues.
I'm definately languishing there in the middle one.
I'll be lucky to stay up at this rate !

I think this calls for a lunchbreak.

Oh well,here goes.I'm playing Eoin again.
I need to get a result here or I'm up s--t creak without a paddle.

Neil Munns 0-1 Eoin Adams

Bugger.I'd better learn to paddle - quickly

Last game of the day for me was against Kev.
He could go a place above me in the table !!!

Neil Munns 0-3 Kevin Adderley

Noooooooooooooo !!

Come on then chaps - Add it up - Lets have the damage.
Was I staying up or dropping to the Conference League ?
Oh yeah - and who actually won too ?

Final table positions 2006/7 season

Yorkshire Phoenix Super League
1Trevor Cummings1414004411+3328
2Paul Lawrenson147431811+718
3Martin Hodds147342016+417
4Mike Parnaby1410172921+821
5Richard Pepper143741519+419
6Rob O'Hare144462630+426
7Ben Staples141582236-147
8Keith Tiplady1402121140-292

Yorkshire Phoenix First Division
1Kenny Beggs         1210204210+3222
2Craig Heward128223613+2318
3Stuart McIlroy12642146+816
4Eoin Adams125251519-412
5Neil Munns12327821-138
6Kevin Adderley123181024-147
7David Eyre120111335-321

Yorkshire Phoenix Conference Division
1Eddie Betteridge      8620162+1414
2Iain Buchan8521112+912
3Loiuse Lawrenson832375+28
4Frank Varga8224126+66
5Charlotte Smart8008031-310

Cool - I stayed up.Bring on next season !
I'm going to go for the Super League this time !!!

So Trevor Cummings won the League and the Cup.
Well done that man !

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© Neil Munns 2001