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The Ship, Swinefleet.
A regular venue now for all subbuteo folk.

Once again the preparations are underway,
would anyone manage to beat Trevor Cummings this time ?

Also - could I manage a leap of faith and make the premier league ?!?
In my dreams.
I'll be lucky to hang on to the 3rd place I've got now.

Off we go - Tippy and Ben here.
Trevor and Martin in the background
My first game wasn't too great,

Neil Munns 0-6 Neil Lishman

Kevin Adderley and Rob O'hare.
This game could affect my 3rd position,
Kev was in 4th and Rob was in 2nd
I too played Rob and Kev

Neil Munns 1-3 Rob O'Hare

Neil Munns 0-0 Kevin Adderley

Interesting tactics from Tippy !
Centre circle siege or what ?

Ben and Martin.
Martin has crept-up recently to give everyone a right good kicking.

This is the crunch match !
Trevor cummings against Mike Parnaby.
Mike was 2nd in the premier league
and hoping take Trevors' title away.
What about my last few games - did I make it?

Neil Munns 2-0 Eddie Betteridge

Neil Munns 0-3 Neil Lishman (again)

Nope.I did get one win against Eddie though, sorry mate.
But, overall it wasn't exactly the plan I had.

Some ale always helps proceedings !

Not content with beating Mike in the league
Trevor then faced Mike for the Final of the cup.

This time Mike hung on but just lost out to a last minute winner
losing 2-1 to Trev.Bloody close game !

Top of the pile.
Trev took both league and cup trophies.
Well done mate.

So, that's the end of the 2005-06 season.
What was my final position in the 1st division going to be ?
Did I make promotion to the Premiership !
Not a chance mateys.I dropped to 4th in the end.
That's one place below Kevin Adderley - Oh the shame of it !!!

Yorkshire Phoenix Super League

1Trevor Cummings1817106613+5335
2Mike Parnaby1813324929+2029
3Martin Hodds1812245516+3926
4Paul Lawrenson1810172921+821
5Richard Pepper189183333+019
6Matt Lishman186482929+016
7Keith Tiplady187293039-916
8Ben Staples1842123054-2410
9Erza Aripin1822141150-396
10Adrian Curtis180216957-482

Yorkshire Phoenix First Division

1Neil Lishman121020335+2822
2Rob O'hare121011337+2621
3Kevin Adderley126332417+715
4Neil Munns125341817+113
5Eddie Betteridge123271326-138
6Louise Lawrenson12129625-194
7Sam Curtis120111232-311

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