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Unfortunately there are no pics to show as the league
was spread over quite a few months at different peoples houses

Feb 16th 2005

Neil Munns 0-1 Paul Lawrenson
Neil Munns 0-2 Martin Hodds
Neil Munns 1-0 Kevin Adderley
Neil Munns 0-1 Erza Aripin

Feb 23rd 2005

Neil Munns 0-2 Trevor Cummings

Feb 27th 2005

Neil Munns 1-2 Adrian Curtis

March 20th 2005

Neil munns 3-1 Sam Curtis

March 29th 2005

Neil Munns 1-2 Keith Tiplady

April 28th 2005

Neil Munns 1-5 Mike Parnaby
Neil Munns 2-3 Ben Staples
Neil Munns 0-4 Mike Parnaby

Final Day - April 30th 2005

Neil Munns 0-0 Keith Tiplady
Neil Munns 0-4 Paul Lawrenson
Neil Munns 3-0 Ben Staples
Neil Munns 1-4 Trevor Cummings
Neil Munns 2-2 Erza Aripin
Neil Munns 1-6 Martin Hodds
Neil Munns 2-4 Kevin Adderley

You can also see the final league positions below too.
How did I get on in my first season !

Yorkshire Phoenix Super League
Final positions - April 30th 2005

1Trevor Cummings2019107423+5139
2Mike Parnaby2016225620+3634
3Paul Lawrenson2012444118+2328
4Erza Aripin2010464129+1223
5Ben Staples207674750-320
6Keith Tiplady208393035-519
7Martin Hodds205693134-316
8Kevin Adderley2063113037-715
9Adrian Curtis2071122145-2415
10Neil Munns2042142242-2010
11Sam Curtis200020462-580

As you can see I got relegated !
They had to form a new league so I had somewhere to go !!

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