main home page  Heres my pics from the FA cup final, May 17th 2008.
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Me and my sis, Elaine, getting ready for the big day !
just making sure we had our tickets too !!

        Check us out on video        

We were all waiting in the rain and
the buggers sneaked the wrong way round the one way street !

It's funny who you bump into !
This is my ace mate Shaun and his pal over from the states.

At last, were going in !!!! Can't wait any longer.

Me and Elaine. Were sat right at the front
What a great view we had !

Uh - I'll just make my own noise then.

Yep - I was even on telly !
Sorry Lainey for sitting in your seat !

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The FA Cup winners of 2008 !

Two beaming smiles.Great result.

When Sol - went up - to lift the FA cup
We were there - we were there.

Everyone here is off to Southsea common.

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The streets were getting busy - and this was a few hours before !

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There's no stopping them, not even for traffic.

Even the street signs were joining in !

This car was at Wembley too.

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The bus was only a few mintutes away now.

Every space was taken up.

At last, a glimpse of our heroes.

Harry is at the front of course !!

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The crowd by the stage were certainly ready.

All the team were introduced - Kanu even danced for us !!

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A nice big panarama of the crowd.

Here are links to as many YOUTUBE clips as I could find -

preview 2
preview 3
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preview 5
pre match crowd
opening ceremony
players walk out
more ceremony

general play
kanu scores
southsea goal
southsea goal
goal cardiff end
pre whistle
pre whistle
final whistle
final whistle
after whistle
lifting cup
harry lifts cup
victory group
southsea celebrations

early parade
parade 2
parade 3
amateur summary
amateur summary 2
parade bbc
parade itn
parade kanu lifts cup

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