main home page      This is my beach buggy trip to Turin May 1999.
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I should take this buggy abroad !
Italy ? - why not !!

Campsite at Tours,france on my
road trip to Turin - May 4th 1999.
sunshine all the way-yuuuuummmmm

Camping at Bourg-en-Bresse,still in France.
Not far from the Alps here.
May 5th 1999

Quadrifolio Stables in Gassino, Italy.
Good excuse for a picture moment !
Had to tip-toe around here
as I didn't want to set the horses off - they might damage my buggy !!

Out in the hills around Turin.
They've got some superb roads you know !
Even the police stopped me to "have a look" !!

May 17th 1999
Holiday in Levanto, Cinque-terra,Italy.
More superb roads,
and,loads of noisy tunnels! ACE.

May 18th 1999
Quadrifolio Stables, Gassino, Italy once again.
Drying buggy out after a torrential downpour,
lucky I had packed some silicone !

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