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These pics are of my bug before I owned it.

As I bought it in July 1998.
Got it in Northfleet,Kent.
Roof was rotten but still,
who cares !!

Nice noisy large engine !
Still, it needed a good clean though.

Seen better days for sure
Couldn't worry about that
I had some serious driving to do !

I know VW do great buses
but,I didn't want this to drive like one !
That wheel just had to go.

Lots of people queueing up for a go already.
Here Annabel has just returned with daughter Emma looking on.
Stu took the picture and was next in the hotseat !

Spring clean time
looked well overdue didn't it !

Yuk !
Nothing a bit of elbow grease can't cure.

Ready for action !

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