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Welcome to my T25 camper wagon gallery.
Here is a variety of pictures with my family
enjoying our wagon in various locations around Europe.
Also including some restoration pics and,
there's even the original brochure !


Enjoy !

5th July to 24th August 1986

Follow the camper round our megga tour of communist europe !





These are only the camper pics of course.
There is a full gallery for this holiday elsewhere on a private page.

15th April 2003

This is at the Scalby Mills campsite just north of Scarborough.

26th June 2003

First of a few trips to blackpool.

22nd Aug 2003

Back to blackpool.

We do enjoy it there - it's great for the kids !

January 2004

A smattering of snow in Huddersfield.

March 2004

This is at Pately Bridge,North Yorkshire.

Definitely peacefull - we were the only ones here for a while.

2nd August 2004

Smile for the camera !

Returning from our tour of France with nice suntans.

21st August 2004

Time for another break I reckon.
Were at Helmsley in North Yorkshire this time.

Look at us with our bikes - how keen is that !
This was about the only site that wasn't waterlogged actually !
Oh well, glass of wine - who cares !!

22nd October 2005

This time were at Knighton on the Welsh border.
A weekend of subbuteo and beer !
( see tournament pics and blurb )

22nd June 2006

A nice sunny day in Huddersfield - yes we do have sunshine here !
Unfortunately the rusty bits are starting to show !

Looks like I've got some work to do to my beloved Camper Wagon !

August 2009

Look ! I'm even on google !

11th April 2012

Silverdale, just over the water from the Dales.

One happy camper !

September 2014

Google again, but you'll have to use a magnifying glass !
Click the picture to play spot the camper !!

Click here to reveal where the camper is.

10th july 2015



Time for some much needed repairs

21st August 2015



Just need to do the opposite corner now !

I hope you liked the pics from some of our mini adventures.
It's not exactly earth shattering but still, a lot of fun.

I will be adding some older pics at some point as it's certainly been around
and has been in our family since new.

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