Hi and welcome to Munz.co.uk, home of me, Neil Munns.
This was basically a giant links site for all my favourite web stuff but it soon ended up more of a
gallery blog type thing showing all the stupid crap that I get up to.

Feel free to nose around as it's got some great pics of my
Scalextric, Subbuteo and Puzzle collections including
blogs on the events I do and clubs I'm a part of.
Theres loads of pics too of my Beach Buggy which is based on a 1966
Volkswagen Beetle chassis and my T25/Type3 1984 Camper wagon.
Theres even a section on all my favourite movies.

Check out the music section all about the bands I've played in over the years and recordings I've done.
There are links etc to all the current stuff I'm doing so you can even come and see me play live
with Bandofoz, The Rockjunkies or The Fabulous Rocking Sturgeons up here in West Yorkshire if your brave !!
I'll warn you though, it's proper loud rock !!

Also, check out the section on Pompey and when I went to the 2008 FA Cup final with my sis.
Portsmouth FC won 1-0 against Cardiff City in case you were living on the moon !!
I even went to Southsea the next day to see Harry Redknapp and the players parade the trophy.

Talking of Elaine Munns, theres even a small section following the trials
and results of her marathon running.
She's pretty good you know.

My brother Kevin Munns has his own site too which has an ace blog going on about
all his travels abroad including living and working in china !!
Lots of great pics too. Nice one Bro.

Eventually there will be lots of Munns related info like a family tree etc.
Hope you find this site fun and usefull at the same time !
I'm not too hot on Myspace / Facebook / Twitter etc
as they drive me nuts but you can contact me direct if you like.


All the best, munzi !

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